Professional Cleaning Services

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Professional Cleaning Services

The most common professional residential carpet cleaning systems used is a hot water extraction (HWE) system.  The three most prominent types:

Truck mount

Professional portable with hose and wand

Self-contained/walk behind


Here are questions to ask when hiring a cleaning professional:

“How long have you been in business?” The answer can speak volumes about a company’s reputation and experience. A quick Internet search for customer reviews can also tell you a lot about the company.

“Do you use cleaning solutions, equipment and systems approved in CRI’s Seal of Approval program? Use of products other than those certified by CRI could void your warranty.

“Do you vacuum before deep cleaning the carpet?” The answer should be yes. Vacuuming before deep cleaning is critical and makes a difference in the end result. Some professionals will give the consumer the option to do the pre-vacuuming in order to save cost.

“How is your pricing structured?” Pricing most often is based on the area cleaned not by the number of rooms. Make sure to measure your area before you get on the phone. Room sizes vary, so be careful of any company that quotes price by the room.  Also, note that pricing can vary depending on the previous maintenance procedures followed.

“How much will it cost?” When you’re on the phone, get an estimate that you’re comfortable with – before the cleaner comes to your house.  Some cleaners may want to give a visual inspection before providing an estimate.

“Are your technicians certified through a professional training agency such as Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC)?” Professional certifications such as this show advanced training.

“Do you move the furniture or should I have it moved before you arrive? If you move the furniture, do you charge extra?” Understanding the provided services are key to a good experience. Prior to cleaning, you may want to move any items you are concerned that are valuable or fragile.


Here are questions to expect from a CRI SOA carpet cleaning professional service providers:


“Who is the manufacturer of your carpet and what type of carpet do you have?”

“When was the last time your carpet was cleaned?  Was it professionally cleaned or in-house?”  

“Do you have any odor issues?”  

“Do you have any pets?  Is it a cat or a dog?”

“Do you have any stains?  If so, what have you used to try to remove the stain?”

“What is the square footage of your house?”

“Do we need to move any furniture?” (Most cleaners do not move beds or heavy furniture)


Here are some common practices you can expect CRI SOA residential carpet cleaning professional service providers to perform:


Vacuuming prior to cleaning is an essential step for desired results.  Carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed before cleaning by either the resident or the professional. According to studies, most of the loose dry soil is removed by vacuuming.

Walk through inspection (document spots, spills, burns or damaged carpet)

Equipment set up.

Pre-treatments (traffic lane, spotting, stains).

Soil and cleaning agents are extracted/rinsed from the carpet using approved CRI deep cleaning systems.

Place protection under furniture to prevent it from touching wet carpet.

Carpet grooming to remove wand marks and speed drying as needed.  This is typically only performed on cut pile carpet.

Topical application of stain and soil carpet protectant is typically an additional charge (Check with carpet manufacturer).


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