DIY Cleaning

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DIY Cleaning

Currently, do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines are available for rent or purchase. While these machines are effective at cleaning spots and spills, and provide interim cleaning, they should not be substituted for periodic deep cleaning by a carpet cleaning professional. Proper maintenance of do-it-yourself equipment is critical to achieve effective cleaning and desired carpet performance.


Here’s what you need to know about do-it-yourself extraction cleaning:

Remove the furniture from the carpeted area. If the furniture is too heavy, place a plastic film under and around the legs of the furniture.  This prevents discoloration transferring from furniture to the carpet.

Vacuum thoroughly to remove dry soil. This is essential and has a substantial impact on the entire cleaning process!

Follow the instructions of the carpet manufacturer. Most manufacturers recommend pre-spraying and rinse with water only.*  Do not add other chemicals or attempt to make your cleaning solution stronger than the recommended dilution rate.  Using higher concentration of cleaning solution than recommended may cause excess residues left in the carpet.  This will contribute to rapid resoiling.

Use only CRI Seal of Approval cleaning solutions and equipment.

Begin at the farthest point from the doorway and work back toward the door so you can step out when finished.

Extract as much of the water as possible by making a dry pass after the initial wet pass.  Multiple dry passes may be necessary.  Do not rush this step.

Wait until the carpet dries before replacing the furniture or walking on carpet. This step can take 6-12 hours. Place plastic or foiled tabs under furniture legs to prevent color transfer to carpet.

Ventilate cleaned areas to enhance drying time;

oRun the HVAC fan to create air movement

oOpen windows if outdoor weather conditions permit (sunny, low humidity and dew point),

oOperate the air conditioning (in warm weather) or heat (in cold weather) at a moderate setting to assist with dehumidification

oSet up or turn on fans in the room as necessary.

oNever close up a room with a wet carpet.

oYou want to promote the fastest drying-time possible.  The carpet should be dry within 12 hours.  If carpet remains wet past 12 hours, contact a professional.


NOTE: Failure to follow do-it-yourself equipment procedures and cleaning solution dilution rates may affect the performance of your carpet.


NOTE: If an in-tank cleaning solution is used in the equipment, cleaning should be followed up with a clear water rinse.


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