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Properly maintained carpet will enhance the indoor environment and aesthetic value of any residence. Not only does carpet add unique properties of color and design to the home but the inherent characteristics of carpet trap soil, improve acoustics, increase safety by reducing the risk of slip-fall, and provides greater occupant comfort.


The minimum standard requirements for residential carpet maintenance presented herein are based on both practical experience and rigorous scientific research.  These time-proven procedures and environmentally sound principles have been developed by the carpet manufacturers with input from professional carpet cleaners, homeowners, testing laboratories, equipment manufacturers, and a host of other experts.  These minimum standard requirements are valuable knowledge for everyone who has a vested interest in residential carpet.


This CRI 205 (Residential Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning) provides information on the different type of Seal of Approval-certified cleaning solutions, equipment and systems used by professional carpet cleaners and homeowners. It describes different types of cleaning systems, builds awareness, of the links between properly maintained carpet, good indoor air quality, and carpet longevity. It should assist in developing maintenance frequencies tailored to residential carpet. If followed, a healthier indoor environment should be achieved, carpet appearance should be significantly improved, and your carpet investment should perform well for years to come.  


Failure to follow this standard or the carpet manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines may result in the loss of warranty coverage and/or reduction in long-term performance. Contact the builder or retailer for specific information on your carpet. Please refer to the individual carpet manufacturer’s website for information regarding warranty coverage, instructions, and training for your specific carpet.  


For the most current version of the CRI 205 Residential Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning, please visit the Carpet and Rug Institute at