Carpet Performance

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Carpet Performance

Carpet performance is gauged by its general appearance, resilience and longevity. Carpet performance is dependent on several factors – proper installation (see CRI 105 Residential Carpet Installation Standard), use & traffic, style, color, construction, and proper carpet care. Just as great care should be taken when choosing residential carpet, the same effort is also required for effective carpet care and maintenance.


Carpet performance is directly related to proper maintenance. Regular vacuuming should begin soon after your new carpet has been installed. Vacuuming your carpet on a regular basis will maintain carpet appearance and increase carpet performance. Vacuuming using the CRI SOA-certified vacuum will not only remove soil but also enhance the appearance and indoor air quality.  


Professional cleaners and homeowners who prefer do-it-yourself projects should choose cleaning systems carefully and follow at least the minimum recommended carpet manufacturer maintenance guidelines in conjunction with the CRI 205 Residential Carpet Standard for Maintenance and Cleaning. In order to get the maximum use life of your carpet. Likewise, proper selection and use of SOA-certified cleaning solutions is essential.